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Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 350mL Refill Set (+Sheet Mask)

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Accumulated sales of 3,700,000 bottles. No.1 toner that won 7 beauty awards.
According to real fans, this product helps to control sebum on complex skin type, they have used more than 6 bottles, and they will continue using this product.
100% satisfaction in reduction of excessive sebum and 96% satisfaction in overall feeling of use.
Completed clinical trial for 4 weeks and showed 26.18% reduction of sebum.
Completed clinical trial for acne skin types and it does not block pores.
Improved skin by 11.06% after single application in clinical trial.
0.00 irritation index is mild on sensitive skin types.
Instantly improves skin moisture by 314.11% right after use.
Made with FSC-certified paper and soy ink for package.