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Forever Sundays

Forever Sundays Sculptan Face Tanning Contour Stick

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فورايفر سانديز قلم تان للوجه (يصبغ البشرة) لكونتور يظل لعدة ايام  

Be the envy of everyone and supercharge your makeup routine with flawlessly sculpted cheeks, brow bones, and contour areas. Perfect for under makeup or if you prefer a 'No Makeup, Makeup look,' try SCULPTAN on its own!
Shade Medium is for Sunday Sisters who are looking for a more natural-looking contour. The product is beautifully buildable for those who want to add more drama!
Gorgeous with and gorgeous without, SCULPTAN has been formulated to enhance what's already there. Our beautifully buildable formula glides onto the contours of your face, and thanks to its design and our Precision Flow Technology, our sculpting wand allows you to place the product with precision! Adding definition to the face, to exaggerate, streamline, and give you that post-holiday sun-kissed GLOW!
How to SCULPT!
For best results, wash the face and pat it dry.
Step 1 – Swipe or dot the product directly onto your contour areas.
Step 2 – BUFF, BUFF, BUFF – Take your Forever Sundays Foam Beauty Blender and pat, pat, pat it onto the face!
Step 3 – Let there be SCULPT! It's time to let the product work its magic! Wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for a more natural look or leave it overnight for the ultimate DRAMA!
Step 4 – Wash off any excess product, and BAM!, Cheekbones have entered the chat!
Step 5 – Apply your favourite foundation for a red carpet GLAM or simply wear it on its own for a perfect 'barely there' look.
Step 6 - Maintain! Be sure to cleanse the face as normal and follow up with your favourite moisturizer to lock in that tanned goodness! Use as many times as required!