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La Cabine

La Cabine Flash Body Hair Inhibitor ampoules 7 x 7 mL

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لا كابين امبولات للجسم تمنع نمو الشعر مناسبة للاستخدام مع الليزر

تقلل شعر الجسم وتخفف الشعر الجديد 


Body ampoule, highly concentrated, helps to reduce body hair in a painless way, making the hair that remains finer and less visible and thus delaying its growth.

A unique formula with a natural hair weakening Active, Vegetable Polysaccharides, Hyaluronic Acid and Urea. They weaken body hair, making it finer and less visible, reducing the frequency and number of hair removal, as well as delaying its growth. Suitable after hair removal either with wax or laser.


7 Ampoules. 5ml. | Dairy Use | Topical Use | Shake before using | Fragrance-free, fast-absorbing ultra-fluid texture