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Megababe The Cream Deo

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ميغابيب ديودرنت كريمي بتركيز ٥٪؜ أحماض الفواكهة لمنع الرائحة وتوحيد اللون والملمس ومحاربة الشعر تحت الجلد 

يحتوي على حمض الماندليك واللاكتيك والنياسينمايد والسكوالين وفيتامين E

برائحة النعناع و شجرة الشاي 

لا يحتوي على الالمنيوم او السولفات او البرابين او الفثالات 

Made with 5% AHAs, The Cream Deo is your 100% natural defense against odor, ingrowns and uneven skin tone.

Mandelic and lactic acids do double duty, creating an acidic pH level that helps block odor-causing bacteria while also penetrating clogged pores to gently prevent and treat ingrowns.

Niacinamide, squalane and vitamin E join to help improve skin tone and encourage smoother, softer skin with daily use.

The light scent combines mint and tea tree for long-lasting freshness that won’t overpower your pits (or nostrils). And best of all, there’s an applicator tip for direct application - no messy fingers!

Like all Megababe products, The Cream Deo is vegan, cruelty-free and made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates or sulfates.