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Shiseido Ma Cherie Night Gloss Treatment EX

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شيسيدو تريتمنت لشعر لامع وصحي يناسب الشعر التالف 


  • Hair beauty essence while sleeping.
  • Morning shiny morning at night treatment (Outbath Treatment).
  • It is difficult to have sleeping habits, hair to styling is easy to get up in the morning.
  • Dense pearl Honey Jure DX formulation.
  • At the same time as giving gloss to the hair, it repairs one and leads it to a state that is easy to handle.
  • Dense Honeydale DX has gloss giving effect, hair repairing effect, moisturizing effect and firmly repairs damaged hair from the inside.
  • While sleeping, firmly repair the interior of the hair.
  • Knight repair ingredients (arginine) blended.
  • Enchanting sweet and refreshing floral fruity scent.
    How to use:
  • Take a proper amount of semi-dried or dry hair, stretch it in the palm of the hand, let it be applied to the whole hair around the damaged hair tip.